God calls us to authentic living.  Within each of us as an individual, within each church or faith community is a dynamic force that calls you to love and serve.  Connecting to that dynamic force requires intentional work so that you can go where you are called to go and do what you are called to do.

Many times, you are distracted from this call by forces beyond your control as well as inattention to your spiritual growth and development.  We live in a time of rapid transition for our lives personally and in our faith communities.  When you are not attentive to your spiritual care and development you get distracted by fear and worry about things that distract you from your purpose.  Often you get distracted by the letter of the law and forget that ye are called to love and serve.

This can happen for you as an individual. You can feel disconnected from your spiritual path. You can feel disconnected from God. You question your faith.  You question and reexamine your beliefs. Struggling to find a way to have a spiritual practice that lets you connect with God in a way that feels good and right, that feels true to who you are.

This can happen in your church or faith community. Most churches find themselves caught in an ever changing world of religious dogma, changing church polity and struggle to identify their mission in a rapidly changing world.  However, it is possible to discern your mission, assess your strengths and build the leadership needed to respond to the many demands of contemporary mission.

Whether an individual seeking support in your spiritual path or a church leader seeking support in revitalizing your faith community, you are in the right place.


If you are interested in developing your own spiritual practice to enhance your spiritual growth and to discern how best you can love and serve this is the place for you.


If you church is currently confused about next steps in ministry,  if there are low levels of involvement in ministry and mission, if you find it difficult to motivate leaders to serve then we are here to help you get clarity about who you are and what God is calling you to be.